Just got my BFP (woohoo)....so now what???

My BFP arrived this morning and I'm still in shock - yep, I'm one of the lucky so and so's that did it at the first attempt (phew).

So, what happens next :\? .....I know I need to see my doctor, then what??? When should I be worrying about looking into nurseries, signing-up with the NCT, telling my employer etc. etc. etc.???? :\? :\? :\?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :\)


  • well done hon!!! take one thing at a time... first is docs....before you know it you'll have your 12 week scan booked in !!!.. is this your first?
  • I would like to be the first to say "CONGRATULATIONS" and welcome to the "paranoid club". From here starts all the panic, worry and strange things our bloody hormones do to us lol!!! For all this I know I would not want to be in any other situation! You need to advise your doctor who will arrange your midwife care which, depending where you live, may take a while (I read on here lots of different timescales). Then things will start their natural progression, hospital dates, etc. You can go to the directgov website and there will be a lot of information on maternity - when you need to tell employer, pay etc.

    Just relax for a little while and take it all in babe. Enjoy! Is it your 1st? Love Lee xxxx
  • congratulations hun enjoy every minute of your pregnancy

  • Congratulations! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

    Mikayla (13+2)
  • Congratulations honey!

    Serena xxxx


  • Thanks for all the advice & good wishes everyone!

    As you can probably tell this is my first.... I can hardly believe it. Have gogt a doctors appointment booked for Monday so I guess I'll take it from there.

    Thanks again :\)

    Kate x.
  • Congratulations Kate!!

    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy

    Sam xx
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