Maternity coats?

Hiya does anyone know where i can fing a decent, not too expensive maternity coat?
Or is it worth just buying a size up from my usual clothes size? ive tried online places but none of them look warm and are quite short!


  • there were a few thread on this one.
    I found one in New Look mat range, plain black classic winter coat at about ??35 if I remember rightly. not all stores stock mat range though.
  • there are some maternity coats for sale on ebay at reasonable prices. I have bought 2 poncho style cardigans that are nice and warm from DP's at ??30 each, they seem to do the job and I ll wear them afterwards.
  • Hello, I got one this morning in Debenhams. It was ??65 but there is 20% off today do came to ??44. The sale is on line too. Jo xx
  • got mine from the red herring section in debenhams
  • I bought a big one from primark. ??25. Only found one maternity coat in my size but wouldnt do up over my over inflated boobs. Was 4 times price too!
  • i've decided not to bother with a maternity coat, my one from last year just about does up now (25 weeks) but when it doesn't do up, i'll just wear a big wooly scalf to cover the gap. coats are so expensive, and when your only wearing them for 3 months it seems like a waste. You could hunt in a charity shop for a bigger sized one if your worried about the cost?
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