I'm such a hormonal cow!!!

Morning ladies.

In the space of a week, I've gone from totally 'ok' - a bit hormonal, but not masses... to now, the tiniest thing sets me off and puts me in a bad mood!!!

This morning some idiot tried to cut past me on the slip road and then spent the entire journey on this road I go on, trying to cut in front of me. No I did not let him!!!

I've had this arsehole on the phone speaking to me in such a patronising manner I wanted to scream at him. I think he thought that being a PA I have no brain and he would therefore have to speak V E R Y S L O W L Y and repeat his email address FOUR TIMES, yes FOUR TIMES.

Then hubby annoyed me by going on about our plans for the week when I told him I'd sort it!!!!!!!!!


How come I've suddenly turned into such a monster? I am SO grumpy!!!



  • hi know how u feel its hormones for u eh....i have been terrible for weeks now my poor oh cant do anything right and someone at work made a comment about me sitting on my big fat arse (he was joking)but i walloped him lol....glad he saw the funny side too or i could be up for assault lol x x x
  • omg there is no hope 4 me im only 6+2 and im like that already i woz hoping it wud clam down the futher on i get but ur 10 week ahead of me !! my poor oh will end up killing me at this rate bcoz whateva he does it wrong !!lol!!
    luv clare
  • omg im with u claryg,
    im a bitch atm, 1 min im totally in love with my husband the next im smiling at him but under my breath thinking leave me i dont want you here, the next phoning him up in floods saying i only feel safe wen hes here! god help us lol


  • yeah i least im not alone!!!! lol!!!
    luv clare
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