My baby has to be tube fed now

My boy born 6 weeks early has now gone downhill. Ever since he was born he couldn't suck and now he won't even wake for a feed. He lost too much weight the mw decided ia tube was best for him. I could hear my weak little man screaming whilst they put the tube in. I cried. I had the option of watching them put it in but I knew if I saw my baby in pain I'd grab him and run. Maybe throw a few punches.

He's now getting his first feed via the tube and he seems so peaceful. I know it's the right thing for him but no one likes to see theirbaby upset.

I now kind of understand what the really premature babys and their mums go thru. Obviously my boy doesn't have anywhere near as many tubes as earlier babies would and for that I am grateful. They must be really strong mums to be able to c that happen to their bubs.

Anyway just thought I'd have a quick little whinge.


  • Oh Kris, im sorry to hear that.
    My son Riley spent 4 weeks in NICU when he was born and he wasn't even prem. He was tube fed for the first 2 1/2 weeks, and it sounds funny, but you still feel the closeness when feeding them this way instead of a bottle. Sometimes its hard to accept that things like this are best for them, but its only short term, and everyday he will get a little better.
    Riley is now a normal 2 year old terror, and the fact he overcame his difficult start just makes me love him more.

    I hope your liitle boy gets stronger and you can take him home soon.

    Naomi xx
  • hello,my twins were born 9wks early and had to be tube feed,i didnt see them put the tube in,iam glad cos the nurses said they dont like it,i did express my milk to help them give them a better start,i dont know if this helped them or not but i like to think it did,so that made me feel closer also after a day they showed me how to tube feed so they will probably let you do this also,after 5wks they are now home,i know its hard leaving them every day but your little boy will be home soon
    big hugs

  • hello march Mummies!
    I just wanted to say big hugs to you. Kris, your little man will feel so much better and stronger in a few days and will be home in no time just like fall3n-ang31 little ones.
    keep us march mummies posted xx
  • Thanks for ur replies. I know it is for the best. Glad to hear ur twins r doing fine. Gives me some sort of light at the end knowing it will all work out. So far he has already pulled the tube out n had to have it put back in. More than my little man deserves but shows how stubborn he is. When the mw was putting the tube back in she said he tried to pull it out again. Silly man.
  • Oh honey, I remember when my son (12) wasnt feeding and they said it was due to his stomach being full of liquid, I had to watch them ump his stomach. It was awful i was crying and it was so sad watching him screaming and being sick. Id never felt anything like that before, so protective.
    Youve taken the right attitude though babe, he will be better in no time and the docs know what they are doing. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy xxx
  • I have no experiance of this but just wanted to say i hope you and your LO are home safe soon and he progresses quickly . Sure you will be ok in the end take care x
  • So sorry to hear he's been poorly honey, it must be so hard for you. Hopefully now he's getting some food in to him he'll get stronger and will be able to suck and take food from you before you know it. My lo was 4 weeks early and really quite poorly when he was born and i found it hard, but i promise you it does get easier and before you know it he'll be home with you keeping you up all night, just the way it should be! Sending you big hugs xxxxxxxxx
  • oh hunny, so sorry to hear that hes gone down hill. hopefully now hes being tube fed he'll gain more strength. you are in my thoughts hun- and sending lots of hugs to you, your family and your precious baby son,
  • Hi Kris,

    I'm sorry your little one isn't doing to good at the moment. Hopefully once he gets a bit easier with the feeding tube, the milk will work and bring his strength up. Am thinking of you both, sending hugs your way.

    Jules x
  • Hi hun, just wanted you to know we are all thinking of you and I know exactly how you feel. My son had to be tube fed and was in neonatal and special care for the first week of his life. It was so hard seeing that tube go in - he pulled it out in his sleep once too so it had to go in twice! And they took blood from him everyday, in the end I had to leave the room everytime they did it as i'd burst into tears. It was just so hard to see someone making him feel pain and even though I knew he needed it I wanted to pull them off him! You are already emotional so it doesn't help to see him so poorly but the staff know what they're doing and it's for the best - I had to keep reminding myself of this. You are being so strong, keep going hun as he needs you. My LO is 17 months now and is strong and doesn't remember any of it obviously! You will get through this. I will be thinking of you.

    Amy. x
  • My daughter is now 17 months and she was born 5 1/2 weeks early and had to be tube fed for a week out of the 2 weeks she is was in SCBU. She was really small at 3lb 12oz so they decided tube feeding was best for her to start off with as she wouldn't have been able to suck yet. I never watched th tube going in as I saw the length of it one day and thought I couldn't watch it. Looking at her now you would never know she as prem and is a brilliant eater. Just keep strong and the tube will be out before you know it.
  • Oh honey

    It's so the right thing even tho it doesn't seem it.

    My Alfie was 5 weeks prem, and was tube fec my expressed milk - now the little sod is 20lb!

    Be strong - he needs his smiling mummy supporting him.

    You are doing the right thing.

    Sam xxx
  • I had my little girl 7 weeks early so i know what you're going through.
    My little girl had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks and had to be tube fed, it's awful to watch and it really upset me. I know we were lucky (she was a fairly good weight 6ib4oz and had no other problems) but it was a horrific time and i really feel for you.
    P.S hang in there it does get better x
  • thinking of u and little one hope he gets stronger everyday and will soon be home with u xxx
  • thinking of u and little one hope he gets stronger everyday and will soon be home with u xxx
  • Be strong for your little baby boy hun he is a fighter and he will come through all of this with you


  • Hi hun

    You and your little man are in my thought, he will be nie and strong before you know it and ready to come home.

    K xx
  • oh matey, sorry to hear he's had a few problems, but at least now he has the tube you know he's getting the food he needs to get stronger, and hopefully it won't be long before he's home like fallen-ang3l's jack and charlotte.

    loadsa love and hugs

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