water water water

Is anyone else thirsty ALL the time? I was very active before pregnancy so am used to drinking a lot of water but I can't get enough now. And it has to be ice cold or I have a tantrum and don't drink it! I am assuming my ignorance means it is not a sign of something being wrong. xx


  • YES YES YES!!!! lol im constantly thirsty!!!!!!! its really strange im 21 weeks now and its only been the last couple of weeks i cant drink enough lol
  • Eh not that I want to alarm you both or anything but that could be a sign of diabetis (not sure of the spelling) which you can pick up when your pregnant. I would mention it to you MW next time your there, just to be on the safe side.
  • im 12 weeks and have had it since about 6 weeks really thirsty told my midwife she said its because your body needs more fuids at the moment and told me to drink more cause my urine was too dark

    wouldnt worry too much unless youstart to feel ill my other half has diabetes so was abit concerned but my midwife said its perfectly normal

  • Thanks I was a bit aware of the diabetes worry, have an appointment in 3 weeks so think I will just get it checked out. x
  • Good idea mummym, its better to be safe especially when theres a little baby involved.
  • its got to be cold milk for me and plenty of it after tea time
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