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Hi i shouldn't really be on this board but thought some of you guys might be able to answer from experience. I had mmc in nov and one af since then after 39 days. I am now on day 36 again and tested this morning and bfn. I did ov sticks this month and got positive on cd 27 and then on cd 34
(7 days past ovulation) i had v light spotting-pinky brown and quite watery- sorry for TMI! Anyway since then i have had no more blood so i guess my question is do you think it might be implantation? Did nyone else get this and if so how long after did you get bfp? Sorry for long post and probably TMI ut am just feeling very confused. Any help would be great

Poppy xx


  • Hey Poppy.
    I would leave it a couple of weeks before you test again. It may have been too early.
    I've only just got a BFP (tested Friday) and I think I'm about five weeks (tbc) so you may be pg but not carrying enough hormone. Have you got any symptoms?
  • HI thanks, yeah i have had quite a lot of pains on and of really low down quite similar to when i was pg before but i just hate the not knowing!

    ooh congrats on your bfp!
  • Thanks hun.
    Hope we see you up hear soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed.x
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