Flying after 28 weeks

Hi just wondering if any of you have any if you know what airlines will let you?


  • Im sure BA will let you fly up to 32 weeks but you need a doctors fit to fly letter after 28 weeks!
  • I had this problem recently. It depends where you are flying to, but the bigger airlines (like BA) will let you fly up to 34 weeks with a doctors 'fit to fly' certificate, not too sure about smaller airlines though. Also worth looking into is your travel insurance because most insurance companies wont insure you after 28 weeks
  • haha just let me know when you want it doing I won't be going till march dont worry!
    Don't know if we're defo gonna go just thinking about getting a hol in before I drop!
  • I know with Ryanair you can't fly after 28 weeks, not sure if they make exceptions if you have a note from your midwife. I'm having my last flight back for a quick trip to the UK when I will be about 25 weeks (I live abroad) and will be taking a photo copy of my maternity notes just so I can show them my dates if they don't believe I'm not 28 weeks yet lol! x
  • With Easyjet you can fly up to 28 weeks, then from 28-36 with a doctors note up to 5 days before you fly. I will be flying at 31 weeks (fingers crossed) and I will need to see my GP here before I got and also a doctor in Portugal before I come home

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