Really bad hayfever

Hi does anyone know what i can do for this?

I went to the chemist today and they said i cant take anything, not even herbal balm to put under my nose.

Ive got such an itchy throat its driving me crazy and the sneezing is relentless

what can i do???



  • Thanks for the vasaline trick i'll try that, bank holiday - cant get to the doctors and i dont have another appointment for a few weeks yet, i will call them 2morro,

    Didnt feel hopeful at all after then chemist said that, as the boxes all state no no no and she was very forceful lol

  • How pregnant are you? My doctor prescribed piriton as well, think it might only be suitable from 12 weeks though. As far as I know the herbal balm is safe, as is Nasaleze (If you google it you can buy it online) which works by coating the inside of your nose but is only made from starch. If your eyes are bad then wearing sunglasses as much as possible helps (or even better contact lenses) as it stops the pollen getting to your eyes.
    Kerry xx
  • yeah i wear glasses alot. im early, just 7 weeks.

    the herbal balm said safe on the packet but she still shook her head - right, off to the dr's it is then

  • As your still very early your probably gonna have to suffer for a few more weeks :cry: Both my GP and Pharmacist said it was too risky to take anything before 12 weeks. The risks do drop after that point though and as someone else said eye drops, nasal spray should be safe.

    I'm going to see my GP this week to see if I can take Prition now I'm 16 weeks as I've sat on some grass and come up in lumpy itchy bumps where my skin has been in contact with the ground image
  • my gp has given me nasal spray and eye drops as im off to lake district in couple of weeks and know i'll prob suffer if i dont have them.
    Filo x
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