Baby Moving!!

When Did Every1 First Feel There Baby Move ... As Mine Dosen't Move That Often And Was Quite Late In The Pregnancey Before It Moved xx


  • I didn't feel movements till about week 22 or 23 I think, well I probably did but that was when I was sure they were baby movements not just gurgly tummy or whatever. Mine is still not that active through the day but is in the mornings and evenings. Hope that helps
  • i felt my baby move at 14 weeks but it was just butterflys, felt proper movment at about 17weeks,but it was only about 4-5 times a day, i have only just been feeling more movment in the last week or so, xx

  • Butterflies at 14 weeks and first kick at 15 weeks!

    Samantha 34+5
  • I'm 18+4 and haven't felt mine yet. I've felt what I thought was it but I can't be sure! Can't wait much longer! x
  • I've only really started to feel kicks the last week or so (i'm 21+4) but it is my first and they say you dont feel it move as quick as 2nd time mums.
    scan on thursday image cant wait!!
  • I sometimes feel a bit shuffeling if someone is taken a finger and tickeling my inside.its that baby movement?its where the heartbeat coems from.i always listen to the heartbeat and sometimes feel as i hear it move around
  • Hiya
    I felt first movements at about 18 weeks with first pregnancy and definite kicking at around 20 weeks. Am 12 wks with 2nd and already feeling lil stirrings and flutterings.
    Tashy - that certainly sounds like movements. It does feel like little shuffling or bubbling inside. I feel pressings and flutters on my bladder or pelvic floor muscle at the mo that I remember from later on in my 1st preg. It's a lovely feeling though - just wait till later on and you can feelm elbows n knees and rolling around in there!!! Is amazing! I can't wait for this one to get going so my hubby can feel too!
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