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Can someone advise me on layering I'm expecting a summer baby and know they cant regulate there own temp. So i dont want to put him in too many clothes for example when wearing a sleepsuit or outfit should I put a vest under it? can I let the baby sleep in just a vest? I was going to get some jumpers/cadigans for cooler days or when out and about. Do you think I will need a jacked/coat to or could I leave that to start with? How will i know if hes to hot/cold? and finally do they teach you this at antenatal classes?
sorry about all the questions and hope i dont sould to thick!!! hope i've made some sense. xxx


  • Hi

    I know what you mean apple jack. Anyone got any advice for us? I feel totally hopeless with all this baby stuff sometimes.
  • It's really much easier than you think! I was just the same before I had Millie but it's actually pretty straight forward. As a general rule baby will need one more light layer than you do to be comfy. I have always used bodysuits under all Millies clothes (she was born late Aug). If it's hot then putting them to bed in just a vest is fine. You should be ok without a coat, although given our weather don't hold me to that! To tell if they are too hot or cold all you need to do is feel the back of their necks, they should feel nicely warm and cosy but not hot and sweaty.
    Hope that helps,
  • Thanks a lot ladies you've been a big help image I just keep worring I'm going to be really crap and make loads of mistakes!! evreyone tells me i'll be different when my little man arrives. xxx
  • Thank you ladies!
  • if u r using a grow bag for them to sleep in at night do u have any other blankets on it?? or not am confused. do u use grow bags from the start? whats best grow bags or blankets? or should i get both and see what baby prefers xx
  • I used blankets while Millie was in her moses basket and then grobags. You shouldn't need a blanket as well unless it is really cold.
  • Hi ya, with Joshua he had a lightweight grow bag from 4 months ( which was september) so he would wear a bodysuit, long sleeve baby grow and his grow bag. I agree with Bedhead I never used blankets when he had his grow bag cos our house is usually warm any way.

    Joshua was born in May so during the day he would wear a body suit and a trouser and to outfit with socks in doors. And if we were going out I would put a cardigan on + a blanket and a hat if it was chilly. You can always take a layer off, try not to worry, you get used to it very quickly xxx
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