Does your stomach go hard?

Im just wondering, my friend - who hasn't had children told me that my stomach should go really hard soon, is this true?
Any when should i start showing? i know this is difficult as everyone is different. Im 10 weeks tommorow.
Thanks Claire image


  • i'm huge already! i'm 7 weeks lol, yeah everyone is different i knew someone who was 6 months and didn't have the slightest bump, wouldn't have known she was preg!!

  • no dats silly yes your stomach goes hard im 36wks and my stomach still soft best part of the day except wen i get braxton hicks or goin to the loo sry tmi ha and i didn start to show till bout 24wks bt i am very neat thank god!!!!so dont worry!!!
  • The size of your bump depends on how you are carrying the baby, muscle tone etc it differs from person to person!
    I for one did not look 'pregnant' until 8 months! Before I just looked over weight!
    Your friends seems to be discribeing Braxton Hicks Contractions which are basically your body practisesing for labour ifygwim??
    They are more noticeable later on in pregnancy when you have a 'bump' they are normally painless!
    HTH xxxx
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