BFP today and watery blood please help

i have just found out i'm pregnant, its the first time for me hence the 4 tests i took today!!!
the reason i thought i might be pregnant was that my last period on march 16th (week today) was so light and watery and only lasted a day. all week i've been getting brown discharge in my pantliner. i came out in loads of spots and also felt a bit teary so my husband bought 2 tests which i did yesterday and this morning, we ended up getting 2 digital ones as couldn't make out if i was and they BOTH said pregnant.
i wiped this morning and i had pale pink watery blood but only on the paper. i've got a strange fluttery feeling in my tummy not really like cramps its a bit weird.
i've been having this watery blood all day.
i'm just a little concerned as its bank hol tomo so cant see my dr to get checked out.
i'm trying not to panick but this pink water on the paper is a little worrying.
please can someone tell me if this is ok or am i loosing the embryo already??
thanks xxxxx


  • I'm not sure but didn't want to read and run. Ring the doctors as soon as you can to put your mind at rest. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • You could always ring NHS direct and talk to them - even if they can't really confirm anything, it mite help talking to someone, seeing as you won't get hold of GP til Tues at the earliest hun.
  • i had pink watery blood when i found out i was pregnant and i was only 4weeks pregnant when i found out, i was worried and rang the emergency doctors line, he told me as long as its not a heavy blood flow and the blood is light in colour i should be fine! Ok i booked an appointment for the next day but they still couldnt do anything they just said keep doing tests if your worried, as it was so early in my pregnancy they wouldnt be able to detect a heartbeat.
    Im only saying what happened to me so dont go on my word but i was fine once i calmed down and let nature take its course.
    Let us know how you get on and keep positive as i was so negative until about 16weeks and i wasted so much time thinking it was all going to go wrong so good luck hun
  • spoke to NHS direct last night and they said the same thing, too early to scan and as long as not heavy flow just to keep my fingers crossed! i feel a bit better today but have still had the same pink watery blood, I guess i'll just have to let nature take its course, what will be will be. thanks for all the replies!
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