c section date ...

today i got my csection date which is the 14 th of may wooohoooo they gave it me now so i can the foster care 4 my other kids as my oh walked out on me wanker and left me to it cos hes a dick im so excited but nervous at the same time omg im gonna be a mummy again agggghhhhhhhhhhimage


  • HI, u sound so much more cheerfull than the other day.
    glad to hear u got ur date. I wish i knew mine! am due any day but nothing seems to be happening!!!!!!
    All the best hun xx
  • i ent hsppier i just got to get on with it en i i still miss him so much and love him to bits but im trying to put it out of my mind to be honest im missing the sex thow i ent ad it 4 ages and thet is getting to me a bit lol i think thts the only thing im missing frm him at the mo lol xxx
  • wow good luck- my consultant agreed 2 book me a section, at my app yesterday... im 27 wks now.. at wt point do thy gv u a date???...
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