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  • definately the cutest looking baby in the gallery
  • I have just received my angel doppler.
    I have placed it on my lower pelvic region, between pubic bone and belly button and can pick up the heratbeat.
    I was so excited at first but then thought how slow it was.
    I heard the heartbeat on a sonicaid at the hospital a couple of weeks ago and it was fast, like a horse galloping.
    The heartbeat I am picking up on the angel is the same speed as mine.
    I am 16+3. Is this right?
    I have moved the angel around and cannot pick up a heartbeat anywhere else, only there, which makes me think that its definitely not mine as I would hear it all over if I heard it there wouldn't I?
    I have listened to my own by putting it on my chest and it is much more 'heart like' if you know what i mean.
    Is it the baby's - has anyone else thought thier's is as slow as their own at this stage?
    I have read that the baby's heart rate slows down into the second trimester, but this slow?

    Thank you. xx
  • If it is directly under your belly button it is likely to be yours. I used to find mine all the time but not the baby's. Still difficult to find it everytime at your stage. Best to get someone to help you find it- my hubby had to help me!!!
  • at 16 weeks it probably won't pick up the babies heart beat, your find your picking up your own pulse. The home doplers don't genrally work til 20/22/or even 24 weeks.

    Try some baby gel oil as this may help, but as I said it's very early to find it at home
  • i got the angel sounds doppler andgot heart beat just days before my 12 week scan. it was really low down on knicker line and i had to tilt it to an angle(!) but it was deffo my baby boy's galloping heartbeat as i heard it again next day at hospital. i assume u got the bottle of gel with it too?
    if baby moves aswell u may get confused as sometimes my lo was on the opposite side and my mw said if they turn around u cant always get it aswell as it is heard better through their back or something?xx
  • Mummylisa, although most don't work til later on angelsounds works from 12 weeks but it can still be tricky because baby moves so much when small and it can be difficult to pinpoint where it is. I would say it gets easier after 20 weeks to find it although sometimes even know it takes a good few minutes and I'm 34 weeks!!!!
  • i have the same doppler and sometimes it is hard to find the baby heartbeat as it moves so much i have plugged my speakers off the computer in to mine so i dont have to wear the headphones its cool cos when i do find the heartbeat i record it on my phone good luck hun keep trying x
  • hi i have this doppler too and i would say it is your heart beat you are hearing. at first i had the same prob, got really excited thinking it was the babys, but the babys is really fast like galloping horses all through pregnancy. it will pick up babys heart form 12 weeks, but you may have to angle it as someone else said. if you pick up a whooshing sound this is the blood thru the cord. it can be difficult to find at first but once you hear it its unmistakable x use alot of gel so you can spend a while finding it, and try right above pubic bone and angle it up the way so you are kind of digging it in a bit (but not too much!) x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • Hi!!!

    Well I must admit I also picked up my own pulse. Only after 16 weeks I actuallu found my little ones heartbeat. You have to be really patient. And always remember that the experts obviously know exactly where they are looking.

    And yes it has to be twice as fast as yours. When you find it you will know. WHen I found it I knew it was her litle heartbeat. I still have problems finding it and I'm now 24+3. So I wouldn't worry too much. Just hang in there.

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