my child goes from one extreme to the other

I swear she has been sent her to test me, and her dad!

Remember a while ago I said I wasn't able to feel her kicks etc.

Yeah that is gone.
Young Miss Grace has found her way round the placenta it seems and has found mummies sore bits.
She manages to make me jump everytime coz she doesn't wriggle as such she just belts me one.

They are fairly strong which is nice, but bloody hell, some warning would be nice.
I mean yesterday I had about 2 hours non stop, then about an hour break then off again.

I was getting my nails done and she hit me so hard I jumped, the bloke doing my nails shit hmself, which made me laugh. COuld have been my fault though as I had my MP3 player on in one ear and she loves certain songs.

Funniest bit about it is, when Jake is about and I tell him she is kicking, he puts his hand right where it is and she stops!
Nothing, not even a wriggle. Then as soon as he goes she starts again.

Hed is getting quite annoyed with her.

Bad Grace!!!


  • Typical eh, glad you are feeling her move. Maybe hubby could sit with hand on your tum when you dont want to be disturbed lol xx
  • aww bless! my lo had a habbit of doing this, hed kick me right on a nerve and could drop me like a sack of shit haha
    the last few days he was realllllly still and worried me a bit so i posted on here that he hadnt moved and i was worried and as soon as i pressed submit on my topic he was kicking away! naughty babies!! xxxx
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