Anyone bought a pram for small car?

Went out more window shopping for prams yesterday and now realising most of them are too big for my Fiat Punto. My fiat punto's boots length is 102cm and despite the pram measurements in the catalogues, the prams are often bigger than what it says in their catalogues.

Has anyone else got a small car and if so, what pram did you go for?


  • Hi Susan!
    How are you and bump???

    We ordered our pram / buggy yesterday. We went for the Mamas and Papas Joolz (not just 'cos of my similar name! LOL).
    It folds up fairly compact and you can take all of the 4 wheels off.

    I have a Toyota Aygo which is a teeny weeny car and has an even teenier boot! I have a feeling it will go in if I remove the wheels and take off the parcel shelf thingy.

    If it doesn't, we're going to think about changing my car, but we're not too fussed, we'll pop it in the back seats. The main car is fairly spacious its just the boot.

    Hubby currently has a big BMW but is hoping to opt out of his company car scheme and get a Honda Civic (the fairly new shape), the boot in that is massive so we're not worried at all about it not fitting!!!

    Sorry, prob. not much help at all!!!

    Joo xx
  • i used to have a fiat punto (p reg stlye) and could get a graco in the boot. but that was a few years ago
  • Hiya, sticking my oar in again!

    I had a peugeot 106 when Harry was born and a ford fiesta now. I've got the graco mosaic travel system and its brilliant. Even in Lola (the 106) i had plenty of space for other stuff too. And got it in a mates mini cooper (old style) with no problems.

    Good luck! xxx

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  • i've heard the quinny buzz 3 folds small and if necessary the wheels come off really easily, my friend has one they are a good all round pram she swears by hers so much i'll be getting one for my baby due in april.x
  • we have a mini and think we are also going to go with the joolz as it fits in the boot.....and we love the pram
  • We have a Mini which has a tiny boot, the Quinny Buzz fits in there easily, it's a great pram too! xx
  • we have an 04 fiat punto and we can fit our graco tour deluxe in the boot along with our mama's and papa's nipi buggy. xx
  • I used to have a MINI and a Quinny Buzz both of which I loved and the pram chassis did fit in the boot of the car with ease. This was fab while we were using the Maxi Cosi car seat on the chassis, but as soon as we put the seat unit on the chassis, it no longer fitted in the boot without taking the seat unit off and folding down one of the rear seats. Just thought I'd point that out if you are considering a Buzz.
  • The bebe confort loola/loola up is quite a compact pram when folded.

    Suzi 22+5 xx

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