Redundancy and Pregnancy

:cry: ive just found out my boss is handing his notice in and my other collegue is looking for work elsewhere....which will leave only me in the office. a new office has opened up about 60 miles away and im pretty sure they wont keep my office going.

i was wondering if anyone knew where i stood re redundancy. i know they cant do it on the grounds of my pregnancy but i assume they can on the grounds that theres no office? relocation isnt an option as i live over 80 miles from the other office.

if i am made redundant would i loose all my maternity pay...which was only the basic 90% for 6 weeks then the standard ??112 for x weeks. does anyone know what i would be entitled to instead?

i am so upset, ive no idea whats going to happen, or how i can protect only 11 weeks so if i was made redundant theres no way ill be able to get a job before having the baby...what on earth are we going to live off?!?

has anyone any experience with this kind of thing???


  • You will still get some kind of maternity benefit from the government. There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago (I don't think it will be very cheerful reading for you). If you visit direct (I think) it has info about all the benefits and may be able to help. Is your colleagues departure imminent as well - looking and finding are sometimes two very different things! Would the office close if both of you were still there? I think you should have a conversation with your boss about your options - they have nothing to lose, they're leaving anyway> Good luck.x
  • I'm not sure what the status is, why don't you contact the citizens advice bureau and see if they can help. If you do decide to take redundancy perhaps you could negotiate that your maternity benefits be part of the package. Is working from home an option in your current role?

    I hope you manage to get sorted xxx
  • I was made redundant when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am going to be claiming Maternity Allowance for about three months although you can claim for about 39 weeks it's only ??114 per week but it is better than nothing. I am doing a temporary contract at the moment until a week before baby is due and trying to save as much as I can. You can also apply for maternity grant of ??500 I hope this helps hun.

  • In the meantime Wilko, I'd sit tight and drag it out as long as possible... these things can take ages and if they have trouble selling the lease on your office or something, it may cost them less to keep the office open for a while.

    Try not to worry too much hun - what do you do for a living?
  • thanks for all your lovely replies.
    firstly CazA im so sorry to hear you've been through a similar experience.
    i havent come clean with work yet about my situation as im waiting for my 12 week scan next week. i'll arrange a meeting with my 'big' boss for afterwards, by which time my immediate boss will have handed his notice in. my other collegue went for an interview today so i guess he could also be handing his notice in soon.
    i think my options will be to relocate, to move depts which will mean a career change, or stay put and work remotely....none of which are options in my mind in terms of a career, ive done a degree and a masters and im really reluctant to throw it all away. my options are really limited tho due to where i live.
    so my plan is to lay it all on the table and wait for them to make the decisions, seems all i can do. hopefully ill be able to hold onto some job of some kind until the baby is born......and then i guess ill have to make some decisions/assess the options available.
    just so upset as love my job, and the people i work with, so sad it all appears to be coming to an end. not to mention all the worry, and financial implications! unfortunately im the type of person who hates uncertainty.......facts i can deal with however awful they are. bout time i learnt some new skills i guess - lol!
    my dh has been a star and has said at least we'll have each other, and bubba.......we'll work through the rest. trying to keep calm, and not stress as i know it wont help bubba and wont solve anything.
    thanks again, i dont know where id be without this forum! :\)
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