Just a few questions.

I have just found out im pregnant. I am roughly 5 weeks and just have a few questions as it will be a couple of weeks before i get to see a midwife. These might be silly but i have to ask:

When do i have to stop sleeping on my front?
When do i have to stop wearing underwired bras?
Do I need to take any supplements other than folic acid?

This last one is really embarrasing but google had no answers:
Can i still bleach my upper lip? *blushes*

Any other advice (i know stop worrying!!)


  • Not silly - just curious!!
    You only have to stop sleeping on your front when it becomes uncomfortable - your baby will be well protected in it's little sac. It soon becomes uncomfortable to do so enjoy it while you can!
    Underwired bras can damage the milk ducts/vessels so they advise that you stop wearing them asap but I wore them until I was about 12 weeks and my milk supply was fine!!
    No supplements are needed apart from folic acid but I took the pregnacare supplement tablets all the way through my pg as it made me feel better to know that I was getting all the vitamins and minerals I needed no matter how sick I was!
    As far as I know there is no need for you top stop bleaching - but do a sensitivity test as your skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy.
    You answered your own question about other advice!! It is hard not to worry but try to enjoy it as much as you can cos it'll be over before you know it!
    Good luck for a healthy, worry free pregnancy.
  • Oh, I don't know! I still sleep on my front and I'm 14 weeks on Thursday. I only took folic acid until 12 weeks and I have just stopped wearing underwired bras because they annoy me now I've gone up a bra size! I don't know about bleaching but I know for the first 3 months you shouldn't dye you hair ...I think I read that somewhere!

  • im gate crashin as ttc but i never knew not to wear underwire bras!!!!! god im so glad these chat room are here
  • I stopped wearing underwired bras once I needed to go up to a bigger size. Like donnasmullen I take the pregnacare supplements as my diet isn't that great (I hate vegatables) and so I like the reasurance of knowing that bump is getting all the right stuff. Afraid I don't know about the bleaching but I would have thought it would have a warning in the instructions if it is not suitable. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • Thanks girls. I think i will wait until about 3 months before getting non wired bras as i dont own any now so i may aswell wait until they grow (fingers crossed). I found out from my mum that her boobs didnt grow but she didnt get stretchmarks so i could settle for that.

    I think i will read the instructions on the bleach stuff. Its so embarrassing asking about it as no one talks about it! Oh well i dont think its any time for pride with the next few months ahead!
  • i no your not allowed to use bleach on your hair whilst pregnant but i dont know about other hair lightning. you could use a warm wax if its a problem though. ive got some
    'sanatogen pro natal' multivitamin and mineral with folic acid tablets to take after my folic acid from the docs runs out

  • You can sleep on your front until it gets uncomfortable, but if u keep waking up on your front in my book it says not to worry about it and just turn back to your side. I'm lucky as I've always been a side sleeper anyway. I'm STILL not wearing non-underwired bras at 24 weeks - but honestly I just can't stand the idea, I'm a G cup so I need all the support I can get!! You hear a lot of mixed advice on this though - some bra fitters (like at bravissimo) say it is fine to wear a wired bra as long as it's a well-fitting one. As for supplements, I would say it's best to take a prenatal vitamin tablet (they have folic acid included) for the whole of your pregnancy as you need vitamin D while pregnant and breastfeeding as it helps your baby's bones grow strong, especially during the winter if u work inside.
  • Well I never knew you weren't supposed to wear underwired bras, I wore them all the way through my first pregnancy, and breast fed fyn. Dnt fink I could go without the support so fink I will just continue to wear them through this pregnancy as well. Sometimes I think the list of things u SHUDNT do while pregnant is just ridiculous, and my mum said alot of it contradicts wat they told her when she was having me 21yrs ago. Kerry xxx
  • Kerry, my mum has told me exactly the same. My mum was 24 weeks by the time she found out she was pregnant and had done loads of stuff she shouldn't, she fell off a horse and broke her arm, had X-rays and was on max painkillers for months. When she told the doctors she was worried it had harmed me they said get over it!! Lol x
  • Hello....
    Here is just some more info in regards to your questions.

    I only read about underwired bras on this website...I nor hubby wanted to risk the saggy boob look after pregnancy so i went to non-wired bras as soon as I read about it. I have heard from somewhere that underwired bras are ok as if fitted correctly.....although I don't know what evidence behind this. when I went to get myself measured I tried non wired bras and didnt find them comfortable plus they didnt give me a nice shape. went for the sports bra look...really comfortable and supportive and forget Im not wearing a wired bra! Sports bras ay be an option also for those with larger breasts as they are supportive. I brought an expensive one when I went to get measured since then I have brought cheaper ones from places like Tesco's as Im not sure how long I will need the bigger cup sizes for!

    Regards bleaching...does it say anywhere in the instruction leaflet about not using whilst pregnant. If in doubt, you could ring up the pharmacy at somewhere like Boots. They should be able to help answer your questions. you can remain annoymous (cant spell!) then and get information you need image

    Stop sleeping on your front......cant answer as never found it comfortable i'm a side sleeper. Useless on that questions I'm afraid!!

    Technically no you don't need to take added supplements as you should have it in your naturally in your diet...you will probably have it without realising. Spoke to idwife and she seemed to think it was ok not to take any even when feeling nausea.
    BE CAREFUL though if you do decide to take added supplements so you dont go overbaord on thh folic acid. this is often what mothers to be often forget to look for. I would ask your midwife for advice on what she recommends. Most supplments especially in pregnancy contain folic acid. when I read the backs of some in my local pharmacy the folic acid % was actually quite high in addition to normal folic acid.
    just another bit of info of coure image

    I forgot to say congratulations. Try not to spend your pegnancy worrying remember to relax and enjoy it!! Easier said than done probably image I found this site tot bevery informative plus you can ask questions that you wouldnt probably dare to aske your midwife or you friends or family! all the best xxx
  • I have opted for sports bras this time, I did get one from mothercare in the sales and it doesn't look right. I'm only 6+5 but suffer badly from mastitis with one and 2 and don't want to risk causing any more problems, plus as things move up the wired ones get a bit uncomfortable.

    I already find sleeping on my front uncomfortable.
  • make sure you do a test before bleeching,every few months i have my hair dyed at hairdressers,blond highlights and my hair turned out gingery red, i now at to have a full head clour of brown which i surprisingly love! so do a test! xx
  • Thanks hayley imagine if my face went gingery red!!!!
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