what happened???!!

hi ladies well this is what jack said to me this morning .....we left the house at 9.05 to take him to nursery , he is never very happy about it and wanted to take his bike so i let him just for peace, we were walkin down the street and i went to put my phone in my bag when .....shit i dropped it down the drain....seriously its like something from youve been framed i couldnt have done it if i tried !!.......it didnt even make a bang just landed on a ledge too far for me too reach but not in the water .....there was only 1 lady around who i asked for help to pick up the drain but she couldnt .......i felt like id lost my arm it was awful then 2 builders got in there van so i ran to ask them to help and phew they got it out ........all jack could say was "uh oh whats happened"...................!!!well on the bright side it gave him something to go and tell his friends at nursery........anyway all is ok now phew and i went to see the midwife for my routine appointment and i didnt even have a high blood pressure what can i say im such a calm person.......NOT!!!he he hope u and babies are all well ...lisa 31 weeks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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