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I spoke to H2B a little while ago this afternoon, and he had just left his mum and dad's house. It turns out his dad has been chatting to the neighbour, who has told him that we are stupid for planning to go on holiday in June and that I won't be able to get a doctor's note to fly back home. Seriously, it's nothing to do with you- mind your own damn business!!

Last year we didn't get a holiday because we couldn't afford it. The weather in this country was just dire and also we had a terrible year what with my ectopic and also money worries, so I put my foot down and said, I am getting my holiday next year, whatever happens!

Just before getting PG we booked flights to Portugal for a week. We are going with another couple, and it is working out really cheap (minus the crap exchange rate!). I worked it all out that if I got PG that month I woud be approx. 31 weeks, and I triple-checked details like insurance and doctor's notes even before I knew I was PG. Basically I need a doctor's note less that 5 days before the flight, so I need to see my doc and also see one while we are there. I have made contact with a surgery near out apartment, and I will make a firm appointment nearer the time. This has also been discussed with my MW who has no qualms about it, just telling me to wear sexy DVT socks! I have found a well-known insurance company who will insure you for as long as your airline allows you to fly (EasyJet= 36 weeks)

I have said time and time again, if there are any problems nearer the time, I won't be going. Sure I'll be disappointed but I just won't go

So tell me, am I stupid? I don't think so. I just don't want to put my entire life on hold because I am doing something entirely natural and within my abilities as a woman

Grrrr, I'm really hacked off with this neighbour!!!


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  • You sound like a super organised person!! If mw and doc and you are happy then I don't see that there should be a problem. If you do have any medical probs with your pregnancy at that time then you might have to reassess but there's no point spending life thinking something bad might happen. Just go for it!!! (and sod the nosey neighbour!)

  • Ha it my seem like it but I'm not usually organised! I just didn't want to pay for flights then find out I couldn't go!

    I know a girl who got PG accidentally. Her and OH had a holiday in Thailand booked but due to the trouble they had out there it got delayed till she was really late on. I mean, so late that doctors notes and insurance just wouldn't cut it. She lied about her dates and went anyway. I think that is crazy! I would never have done that! Luckily if it all went t*ts up her parents and his have a lot of money both to be able to go over there and pay her hospital bills (they were bought a house when they found out she was PG)

    Another mutual friend thinks that this was wonderful!!

  • I went on holiday at 34 weeks with my first and had a great time as dg said if everyone it happy for you to go and you are happy then go for it it's the last chance before lo comes along, as long as all insurance etc covers you then theres no worries image
  • i'm just back from cuba and i'm 11 weeks pregnant so obviously no where near as far gone as you will be but my miswife and dr just said to be aware of dvt and to watch that my skin wasnt more sensitive than usual and to be careful what i was eating other than that they couldn't see any reason not to go. So i'd say go and enjot your self.
  • I agree with the others. My mum went away for a month to Tenerife (this was about 25 years ago lol) and flew back at 36 weeks without any issues!!

    The one thing you need to check is if you holiday insurance covers you if you go into labour abroad as i investigated holidays and i didnt think my insurance did after 28 weeks (and I have a yearly policy although I didnt renew it for this year because I knew I wasnt going).

    I think the policy included getting home but not medical fees. Might be worth checking out...

    Also - am so jealous, we love portugal!! i wish i was going and have been researching hols the last few days (everyone is booking them now and i'm a bit gutted)! We're thinking of Tenby in September - doesnt quite have the same ring to it!!
  • Thanks girls- you have echoed what I think!

    I'm pretty sure as far as the insurance is concerned I will get it through a broker, so they can double check the small print. That way there is no confusion

    geordie_lass, we are going to Praia Da Luz in the Algarve- have you been?

    19+5 x
  • I think it sounds great, perfect chance to relax before bubba arrives.

    I've started to notice already that people are so quick to give you there opinions on everything when your pregnant!!-Whether you want them to or not!

  • Kimmy - sod other people. Its your life, you go for it.
    I wish I was going abroad before baby, and I'd fly at 31 weeks if we could afford it.
    You're not stupid - you're planning things well and people should just keep their opinions to themselves if they cant behelpful!!
  • Praia Da Luz isnt that where Maddie McCaan went missing?

    Sorry just realised that came across as a "why the hell would you want to go there" kind of way. It was ment to come across as a "I know that name isnt that ....." kind of way. xx

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  • i thought i recognised the name i think your right cooper. I went away at 29 weeks when i was pregnant with my 1st we flew to fuerteventura in the canaries i was told to take a letter from my doctor too but they never asked for it so it never got used (im sure i had to pay for it too might be wrong tho) on the way back i didnt bother seen a s tho they wernt bothered on the way out you have a good time hunn i would go that late on too
    claire x
  • Yes it is the same place. We were actually there in 2007 too, the month after she was taken and her family were still there

    It's a shame that it seems to have given it a bad press as it is a lovely place, but I feel a really strong connection with that case, and I think it is becuase I was there at the time

    Sxychick04- I have to pay ???????50 to see the doc out there but better to pay it than get stuck!! x
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