Breast feeding and steriliser units?

Hi Girls,

Daft question probably but all websites and various people say different things so my head is battered!

I'm hoping to breast feed, and don't really know whats best to do regarding buying bottles and sterilisers etc?
Do I buy bottles and a steriliser now whilst i'm stocking up on stuff even though i'm planning on Breast feeding or do I wait and see what happens when the baby's born as to whether or not she takes to breast feeding?

The reason I ask is that a friend who had her baby 4 months ago and is breast feeding didnt even use her steriliser, breast pump or bottles etc till about a month after baby was born, and shes making me feel like i'm buying for the sake of it? But I think if i'm starting to buy everything now I may aswell buy them now too?
As some websites say not to express breast milk for at least a month after having the baby?

Hope you understand my waffle?! Just not sure what to do to be best prepared?


Ruby x

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  • i would do whatever suits you.

    I am going to b/f - but i have bought a steraliser and bottles, - i'm going to need them at some point, so they are just sat in corner of room waiting for when are needed.

    i got tommee tippee ones cos they say they are good for mixing bottle and breast feeding later on, they were on offer in Tesco - not sure if they still are.

    hope this helps

    kate .x
  • hi hun,i've done the same got the tommee tippee ones.I'm planning to breastfeed and for me i feel better being organised so i dnt have the panic buying after lo is here as i also have a toddler to look after so like to be prepared!Also i have got a breastpump as its meant to be good to express after the mrning feed to increase milk supply even if the milk isnt used in a bottle.(this is what i have read,didnt have much of a supply when breastfed my daughter so wanna try whatevers needed!!lol)i suppose its up to the individual tho hun,hanna xxx
  • well, ive bough the tommee tippee closer to nature microwave sterilier, breast pump and bottles, i plan to breast feed but i want to get bubba used to bottles as soon as, so i don't have a nightmare trying to wean him/her off the boob when the time comes. I want to express as soon as - if only go i can finally have a glass or two of wine!!!lol. I've not heard of any time limit of when you can start expressing, but then again some of the mum's may be able to give you more info. so i would buy them if you see them on offer anywhere and you have them at hand!
    shona 33+2
  • I went to the NCT breastfeeding classes and they were fab! All the info you need, They say you should not express for the first 4-6 weeks until you have established a routine as it can affect your production. You don't need to give any additional water or anything and although only 1% (yes 1%) of Mums in Great Britain are still breastfeeding exclusively after 6 weeks, 99% in fact actually can with perseverence! The health benefits so outweigh the bottle as well.
    There is also the risk of course (pointed out to us) that if you express 'just for a break' too soon and use a bottle that the baby will prefer it and not latch on again after.
    Anyway, I have bought the Avent microwave steriliser simply because dummies also need to be sterilised and just thought it was very convenient!
    I hope I can breasfeed for the recommended 6 months.
    I wish there was more info for Mums to be on this subject from the NHS.
    In sweden (where infants are among some of the healthiest in the world) 99% of mums breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months.
    Puts old blighty to shame really and its not the mums to blame, its the government, in my opinion, for the lack of information and the fact that it seems such a taboo subject. When do you see mums breastfeeding in public?

    31+2. xx
  • Thanks everyone that really helps me out. Going to buy some then at least i'm prepared aren't i.

    I dont feel as confused now! My head was battered this morning when she was going on about it! ha ha

    Ruby x
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