Ok so i went to the docs this morning and mentioned about all the symptoms i had (headaches, puffiness etc) but she was more concerned about my back (i've been barely able to walk for weeks and have hardly had any sleep as i get so uncomfy and then get into even more pain when i turn over). she had a prod and a poke of my back which hurt A LOT and told me i've torn the ligaments that go between my spine and my pelvis, which explains all the pain and inability to walk properly.
she's given me co-codamol which will apparently make me constipated so she's prescribed me lactulose as well, which i'm a bit apprehensive about taking. but anything to stop the pain. she's also referring me for some physio which i'm really looking forward to as hopefully they'll give me some exercises that will help with the pain and start the healing process.
don't think i've done myself too many favours though as i haven't been taking it easy and just been carrying on as though i'm neither pregnant nor in pain. silly me. but i will take it easy now. i've got a good book and my lovely painkillers and i'm glad i know what it is that's making me hurt so much.
lau 33+3 xxx


  • I agree ouchies! hunni nature has been telling you to slow down for a while now!image me thinks it's time to listen! oh and another side effect of codiene it can make you feel a bit sick too, so make sure you take em with food! trust me i'm the expert here! been having to take Co-Dydramol which is paracetamol and dihydracodiene and a damn sight stronger than normal co-codamol! :\( oh and be careful with the lactulose too, i had 40mls in one day in hospital and my God did i regret it after lol! i hope they get you sorted with physio asap took them 2wks to sort mine! but just rest now hunni and huge huggles here's thinking of ya ligaments!!

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