gave birth early

hi girls well i havent been on here for a while as on 17/05/08 i gave birth 9 weeks early to a beautiful baby boy he weighed 3 pounds 8 ozs and is in special care baby unit but is progressing well its gonna be a 7 weeks before i can bring him home which seems like an eternity.

my after birth had started to come away thats why i had to have an emergency caesaerean it was a very scary time and still is a very scary time with my baby boy in special care.

i just wanted to wish you all the best and thank you all for the support you gave while pregnant
i am now going to be on the premature baby bit but will pop back every now and then to see how you are all progressing

take care everyone xxx


  • Congratulations, hope you and him are keeping well xxx
  • congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. i hope he is home soon so you can enjoy him!!

    lots of love hannah and tegan xx
  • Wow, congratulations on the (early) arrival of your son! Glad he is doing well although it must be soooo hard leaving him at hospital in the special care baby unit. Hopefully it won't be too long before he's strong enough to come home. Big hugs xxxx

  • awww congratulations, bet it was scary for you. tell us his name xxxxxx
  • Congratulations hun, I know it must be scary but at least he is in the best possible place and will hopefully now thrive so that you can take him home asap! Tammi xxx
  • huge congratulations hun, what's his name? hopefully those 7 weeks will fly by for you, scary as it is, and with any luck you'll have him home sooner xxx

  • Congratulations - I'm thinking of you at this time. I can understand how scary it must have been - I started contractions at 26+6 on saturday and spent the whole weekend in hospital. Thank goodness the contractions stopped and I didn't go into active labour but I was so scared my little girl would be born far to early. So am at home on bed rest for a week and have to take things very easy now so as not to go into early labour.

    I'm sure your little man will be home before you know it - all the best to you both xx
  • congratulations on your baby boy hun, Hope its not too long before your all home together. Thinking of you all.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your son! Hope the next 7weeks wiz by for you!
    Sarah xx
  • Congratulations on the birth of your son!! I hope he's soon home with you!
    Lydia xx
  • Congratulations to you!

    Wishing your little man a speedy growth spurt and lots of healing thoughts to him so he can be home with you soon.

  • Wow another July baby coming early. Many congrats and wishing lil man a quick recovery xx

  • Congrats hun, glad he's doing well-hope he improves very quickly. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Congratulations and all the best to u and ur lil boy. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Sez, congratulations and I'm glad everything's ok after what sounds like a v scary time. I hope time flies for you until you can bring your little man home! xx
  • hi girls thank you for all your best wishes we have named him bevan thomas, i will keep you updated with his progress,
    and thank you again for all your support and best wishes to you all for your future births and babies

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