please reassure me!

Im 33 weeks and had an electric shock off a light switch last night-it really made me jump, i totally went into a panic about the baby and started hyperventilating. I called the midwife straight away and she wasn't at all concerned-told me the voltage wouldn't be enough to harm our baby. Ive been getting lots of kicks as usual since and i feel fine but i just can't stop worrying. I stupidly googled 'electric shock during pregnancy', only to put my mind at rest and it really didn't.

Just looking for some kind words really-hubbie is blue in the face from telling me baby's fine xx


  • im sure all is well hun - as you say mw was not concerned and you can still feel bubs so I would try to relax (I know - easier said than done!!).
    Dont read things on the net, the net was invented to make us all paranoid!!

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