neutral clothes

I don't have a clue what colour my bump is but would like to buy some clothes.

I have been in M&S, Asda, Tesco, Debenhams, Sainsburys, Next and Mothercare in my area and although have been able to find neutral clothes, everything is either white or browny beige. The browny beige still looks like its meant for a boy so Im stuck with white.

Although white is okay, can anyone recommend another shop?

I cant really afford to spend a fortune on one outfit so reasonably priced places would be great.



  • I really dont mind buying nearly new clothes so I will have a look on there. I can always buy new things when I know what sex it is!
  • oooh thank you. I will have a look properly when I have done my chores.

    thank you all!
  • I have never been to Matalan but we drove past one the other day so I will have a look possibly at the weekend. You are right though, I could just buy a few essentials for now and then buy some when its born and along with pressies I should be ok.

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