Ok, now maybe this is not PG related, but I have suddenly developed the smelliest feet! I have NEVER had smelly feet before and over the last few days I have noticed that they really stInk!
Does anyone else have this, or am I just wierd?


  • no i have this too but havent mentioned it to anyone cos i thought it was just me lol nice to know i not alone he he
  • Your sense of smell can be dramatically heighten during pregnancy. Makes most things smell bad if you have it. I think everyone has bad breath!
  • OMG, I cant believe you posted this today, I had the smelliest feet last night and my feet dont normally smell at all!!
  • Wow! I genuinely thought I'd just developed some foot issue. Sometimes when I wake up all I can smell is feet, it's horrid. AND I keep sending hubby off to brush his teeth in the night. AND the dog has never been washed so much in her 7 years. Thanks so much for posting this. I thought I was getting OCD or something!
  • Thank god I am not alone! I feel like a stinky teenage boy! Have actually thrown away the pumps I was wearing the other day because they smell so bad. Dh thinks all of this is hilarious! He is constantly taking the mickey and commenting on my new stinky feet...
  • Sorry to giggle ladies and i'm sure its not funny. Its just the whole topic and replies made me laugh out loud - it will be my punishment to wake up tomorrow with really stinky feet for laughing.
    Jo xx 16 +4
  • I have! But then I've been wearing ballet pumps with no socks or tights so they are bound to be stinky!!! LOL

    I take my shoes off under my desk sometimes and can smell my feet! I swiftly put them back on, I promise!

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