anyone from kent

My due date is tomorrow (so fingers crossed). Just wondered if there are any mums/mums to be in the kent area.

Im from Maidstone area and would be good to chat to you, exchanging experiences and moans etc.



  • Hi Hannah, I dont live in kent as yet, trying to move to tun wells or surrounding areas as that where oh works, I loive about 10 miles from hastings... good luck for today x x x
  • Hi Tiger feet
    Still no baby today- maybe tomorrow.
    I work in Tun wells, so know the area quite well.

    This is my 1st pg, what about you?
  • Hi Hanah this is my third pregnancy, my eldest is was 9 yesteday (30th), my youngest soon to be middle one is 6... My eldest was apparently 12 days late although I think he was a lot later than that and daughter was 10 days late... so dont hold up much hope that this is gonna be on

    So you are not far from me then I am in Robertsbridge...
  • Hi Hannah and Tigerfeet. I'm not from Kent but more East Sussex way near Uckfield. Tun wells is only a 25 min drive away and I used to live in Hastings years ago but we moved to Uckfield when I was 6. This is my third pregnancy
    (5 weeks+1) and I've already got two little girls. x x x Sarah x x x
  • Robertsbridge eh? very nice.
    I work for tun wells Mental health team and so it involves some travelling around the area, i know tun wells more than i do maidstone! I live just outside maidstone.

    So if you live in robertsbridge are you having lo in pembury? Thats where im hoping to have mine unless she decides to make a quick appearance and the journey is too far.

    Hi Sarah21 Uckfield isnt too far away i suppose.

    So when are your due dates girls?
  • I dont know where to have lo. I owuld like a home birth but oh is against it, so although I am down as home at minute I go to conquest for antenatel problems like yesterday.. I didnt think about pembury... will have to have a look at how far it is etc

    I dont think uckfield is far from me.. I think I get there from the road leading out of the other end of the village...

    And no I dont like Robertsbridge much!! moved here just over a year ago from northamptonshire.. left all my friends and family behind, which in some cases wasnt a bad thing...pmsl

    I am due on 24th March

  • Oh girls have your babies at crowborough birthing center, it's great!! You would love it. Just like a home from home! I had my last little girl there back in March and it was lovely. The midwifes are so friendly and will help you with ne thing. Got my own room after the birth and stayed in for 3 days ( You can stay as long as you like providing they are not short on beds). And it's all on the NHS. They also have two birthing pools if ne one has thought of having a water birth? If you go there and feel like you need an epidural they can transfur you to pembury and your allowed to come bk to Crowborough after the birth. Ask your mws for info or go on the NTC website. Good luck! I 'll def be having my 3rd baby there nxt year!
    I'm not due till the 1st July so it's very early days for me at the moment!
    Robertsbridge isn't far at all, my oh has family there and I think it's about a half hr drive ish? I use to live in Crowborough and it was'nt far from there.
    Nice to speak to some local mummies!! Take care x x x Sarah x x x
  • Yes it is nice to catch some local mums and mums to be.... it has made my day..

    WOW Sarah where bouts does your oh family live? Didnt know if it was close to me?

    Think I will definatly be looking at diferent hospitals now though as didnt know they were available... isnt it amazing how people just asume.... my mw told me to go to conquest on Wednesday when I needed to be checked over, woulda bin nice to have had the choice.. must admit the mw there that treated me was lovely and very nice and she was funny... but I know they are not all like that as had some dragons where I used to live, and obviously the one i got now!!! hehehehe
  • Ive heard really good reports about Crowbo' birthing centre, but unfortunately the drive to Pembury would be far enough for me. The closest Birthing centre to me would be Ashford, but they only allow uncomplicated pg's to birth there. That counts me out( hasnt been that complicated, but not all plain sailing either)

    I thinmk its worth looking around Pembury, its a really old hospital, but theyve just spent a fotune on the delivery suite and i was really impressed with it - mainly because of how clean it is? Hard to believe i know esp after all the press about Maidstone hospital- im having my check ups there but avoiding any stays there. Even my consultant said Pembury was better as its more set up as a obs and gynae hospital.
  • Tigerfeet my oh's aunt and uncle live in Robertsbridge. Not far at all from us really. Crowborough birthing centre is closer to you than it is to us so you should def take a look!! would be closer than pembury but it depends on personal choice really as you can't have epidurals at Crow and your pregnancy has to be an uncomplicated one! You can have all your antinatals there too and you don't have to wait ages to be seen. They even do evening appointments! x x x
  • crow probably out of window for me as I have spd and at the minute I dont know wher I stand with anything
  • I had SPD too. Do not worry. It's actually a good idea to have a water birth with SPD as it takes the weight off of your pelvis and helps everything open up more. Having a baby on your side or on all fours with SPD makes the birth easier too and less painful. Giving birth in these positions can also reduce the risks of suffering with it after the birth. I was reallly scared when I was diagnosed with SPD in my last pregnancy, and the girls on this site gave me so much support and advice on how to make things easier for the rest of my pregnancy and the birth. Please try not to worry, If you wanted to have your baby at Crow I should'nt think it will be a problem. In fact the midwifes at Crow diagnosed my SPD at one of my antinatals!! x x x
  • Hi Hannah was just wondering if lo had put in an appearance yet.. cant be much longer now if it aint as you were due 30 or 31st october..

    Hi Sarah.. just thought I would say I have been considering the other options.. pembury is a bit ar for me to go as if the traffice is bad I could end up having lo in car... would be handy in a sense as my oh works in tonbridge and not far from him, so if lo decideds to come when he is deliering in London he will be very close by... but I was adament I wanted a home birth, but while searching last night I cam across the crowborough birthing center... well I turned round to my oh and said if we go there I will be happy if he would prefer me not to have a home birth... it looked lovely... and my own room, which I must admit was a reason I didnt want hospital... as when u no that when you had lo it is the only rest you are going to get and you are on a ward with other crying babies and dont get a wink of sleep all night.. ( i know the los cant help it) so yes I would really consider it.. will have a proper chat to him later as he was into footie last night and if he goes for it I will phone them tomorrow for more info etc...

    x x x
  • It does sound great that place.

    Im still heavily pg- Now 8 days overdue and seeing consultant today at 2.30. Nervous as to what he will say. Either go home and come back nxt week or stay in and be induced. I dont know which i would prefer really?!?

    Hope bumps are behaving themselves.
  • They probably wont do it there and then, probably tell you to come in on a certain day...

    I remember both of mine I went in to have the book in and I went into labour the next

  • So glad you are thinking or having you baby at Crow Tigerfeet! It's not like a hospital at all. If it was'nt for the fact it exsisted I would have a home birth too!! I hate hospitals! I had my first at home but I wanted to have her at Crowborough too (but she came too quick!).
    Hannah, hope your lo decides to make an appearance soon! x x x
    Sarah x x x
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