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Torn stomach muscle/ligament damage?

I'm in pain!! :cry: I've got really bad pain on my left side low down, just inside the hip bone.... I've been to my GP cause I thought I had a urine infection as the pain is worse when I pass urine and it builds up in insensity when I need the loo but my urine sample was clear :\? She asked me to drop another off in the morning just to make sure.... She said it was likely I've stretched a ligament or torn a muscle, but I can't think of anything where I've overdone things, woke up like this this morning :\?

Has anyone else suffered muscle damage and what did you do? She advised paracetamol, rest and plenty of pillows when I'm in bed


  • I would agree with your doctor. Just 2 days ago I found myself with the worst pain in my right side, just above my hip bone. After several teats and many hours my doctor put it down to muscle damage which is apparently quite normal in pregnancy. I am finding a hot water bottle total rest and paracetamol every 4 hours seems to be doing the trick.
    I hope this works for you too!
  • aww bless i hope your okay, the best thing for you is probably lots of bed rest and to avoid bending down if possible as its likely to make it worse, im just recoving from a bruised uterus wall and made it worse by constanly bending down to pick stuff up and not taking it easy so instead of being in pain for a week or so it ended up lasting for 3 weeks i found sitting on a gym ball was really comfy or just using it to put your feet on when your sat down works well

    i hope you feel better soon xx
  • Awww thanks for your replies girls :\)

    The result of this message was in fact a nasty UTI :cry: But for some reason which no-one has been able to work out why, the 2 samples I gave at my GP were both clear!! I'm much better now, although I didn't react to the first lot of antibiotics and required a different type.

    Thanks again xxx
  • I damaged a ligament during my 1st pregnancy (I think its called the round ligament) & it was similar to what you describe that I thought it was a urine infection. I attend a chiropractor regularly anyway & he was able to offer me some relief. It really plays up every pregnancy, especially as the bump gets bigger, so I can really sympatheise with how youre feeling

    Hope the paracetamol helped xx
  • i tore mine to on my lower right side of my bump.. so painfull. P:

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