Stretchmarks - im so upset ....

Why do we have to get these??? I am prone to them so kinda knew id get them but in the last couple of weeks they started apearing on my lower tum, under belly button, and now theyre getting worse by the day! I have used bio-oil since start of preg and upped it to twice a day since i started showing but it hasnt helped one bit!!! It makes me feel so miserable ... my lower tum is getting covered in them and i dont even want midwife to see tummy now let alone anyone else :cry:

I love being pregnant - i love my bump BUT I HATE STRETCHMARKS!!! I just want my baby now so atleast I have something to show for my ugly tum!

Anyone else in same boat as me?

Anna 26+5


  • awww i feel really bad for you...but i was exactley the same in my first, this is my second pregnancy. and when i first stared to get them i was so nervous about anyone seeing them, but the midwife didnt even look twice (she must see them everyday) and my partner just said that they are amazing because they remind him of what we created! i dont care what anyone else thinks. also they dont totally go but they do fade a lot.
    i got them right up my belly even tho i used cream, but there hardley noticable now, my first child is three and im only 11+2 days so not got any from this pregnancy yet.
    try not to let it worry you too much, nothing you can do about them and just remember your body has created something amazing.

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