change in bump shape

Hey ho ladies,

Hope your all well!

i know i'm probs getting my hopes up (i blame my mother) but my bump has just changed shape. I'm 40+4 and my bump has kind of gone in to an upside down tear drop shape and i've been getting pains right inside my foo foo (sorry) and i've been feeling rather wet in that area too!!

My mum is sure baby is coming tonght/tomorrow but i'm not so sure.

anyone else experienced this?


  • My bump went like that the night before i had my first daughter and was also very sore down below so fingers crossed image If not try a long walk although thats well uncomfortable heavily preggers, i can barely manage it now and im only 33wks lol.
  • thanks for your reply.... did your first daughter still wriggle around alot the day before you went in to labour??
  • hi i experienced these pains the night i went into labour with dd1,good luck hope u rnt waiting 2 long!! xxx
  • Hi

    Sounds positive hun!! Good luck and hope you have your little bundle of joy in your arms very soon!

    Sharon x

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