35 weeks.. lack of baby movements??? Any advice?

Hi everyone
Im 35 weeks and since yesterday my baby's movements have become literally none existant... He is usually very active from me waking through till bedtime.
Im just abit worried this means something? Anyone else experienced this?
Dont wanna ring m/w and sound like a moaner at slightest thing, but this happened with my last pregnancy, and they found his heart kept dropping.. then at birth (38 weeks) they realised it was all cos of him having a long cord wrapped round him several times.
Im thinking surely this cant happen twice, but just know I feel very different since yesterday.
Any shared experiences etc will be helpful
caz xx


  • Hi,
    I would definitely go & get checked out. Although my LO's movements have become less frequent recently because it has no room to move I would be feeling the same as you especially with your previous experience.
    Hope all is OK & keep us updated.
    Lauren (35+3) xox
  • do you have a Day asessment unit? I'd call them, and they will monitor the LO, and possibly scan to check cord position.
  • i'd go with call on urgent midwife number! hope lo is ok ! good luck fingers x'd image
  • Hi girls, thanks for all your replies.
    I listened to baby earlier today on my home dopler, and his heartbeat seemed to be normal, and he wriggled a bit when I was doing it. I thought I would do this at home, as I guessed thats all the hospital would do. I also felt him having hiccups this afternoon, so Im guessing he just having a couple of lazy days.
    I'll see how next day or 2 goes, but hoping all is ok.
    I will deff call hospital if he doesnt get more active again.
    Thanks again
    caz xxx
  • hi i had lack of baby movements and i called the hosp and they told me to go in asap.thankfully everything was ok and she changed her position but its better to get it checked out than leave it any longer. xx
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