Trapped nerve anyone?

Hi there

Over the past week the top of my right leg has had pins and needles and goes all numb and hurts when I lay on that side. I think it's a trapped nerve (wondering whether caused by pregnancy). Just wondered whether anyone else had had this or anything similar. From looking on internet it sounds most like 'SCIATICA'.

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  • i have sciatica, it does sound a bit like it, mine starts at back then goes into left or right side right down to feet, like a shooting pain, it most hurts when laying down for too long and kinda spasms up! dunno if that helps xxxx

  • ye iv been suffering from this on my right side , i suffer with sciatica anyway but since being PG its worse, its more than likley the baby pressing on the sciatic nerve. i find it hard in the nights to turn over on my side.

    Just try and take it easy when moving in bed and when geting out of bed

    Donna 38+4
  • i've suffered on and off all my life but since week 7 of pregnancy. it may be baby lying on the nerve agrevating it for you not much they can do till lo is born i'm affraid

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