20 weeks and leaking - like wet myself - sorry tmi HELP!!

help ladies
just walking back from shop - bag in each hand
and felt liquid and then felt vvv wet - got home to find it had soaked through pants and oh the shame a pair of light trousers too - looked like i had wet myself!!
its my first preg so i thought hings would be a little more stable down there
rang midwife who said monitor it and if any more ring hospital and go in and they will monitor and give you an internal and prob keep you in for a few days - i have had a little water infection and she was concerned that that might have triggered things off a little - yikes - now i am panicking - any advice - anyone else experienced this???

please tell me its normal and nothing to worry about!!

jane n pink bump


  • Hi love - I dont have any experience in this....but I am sure if there was anything major wrong they would have had you straight in the hospital.....try not to worry xx
  • Does it smell like wee?

    If you think it is your waters leaking I would ask your midwife if she minds you coming in for a check up or otherwise just turn up at the hospital. Its better to be safe than sorry and that is what they are there for.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    Bec 30+5 x
  • hiya, dont have any experience but would have thought the hospital would have called you in already just to check you over.id put a towel on and check it in an hour or so, if theres anymore water on it call the midwife and tell them you want to be checked over, even if only to put your mind at rest. ive always been told that if i ever think my waters have gone we have to go in to be checked. hope all goes well
    clare 31+1 xx
  • thanks ladies
    i have a pad on and am monitoring it closely but its hard tot ell if anything there or not now
    im resting up but obvs if anything going to keep on coming then it will when i stand up etc idv thought
    baby has been low down ever since i noticed her moving a few weeks back - always feels like she is kicking in my bits so maybe she had a bungee on my bladder??

  • its quite possible that its just baby kicking your bladder so try not to worry, but defo see a midwife if it continues xxx
  • Also I would say if your baby stops moving then ring hospital / midwife. Although I appreciate that at 20 weeks that's hard to monitor as my baby's movements were not that regular by 20 weeks.
  • hi hun i dnt want to alarm u but if i were u i would get checked out just incase it is ur waters as its still very early and too soon for baby to come.Especially with u saying u have had a water infection it just reminded me of my 1st pregnancy and i think its best to be safe than sorry.Hope its just wee,have u noticed any more leaking?do u have any period like pain twinges? xxx
  • i know what your going through i have also been leaking i was so worried it was my waters so was in labour ward sunday had urine test blood test examination swabs taken turns out baby is low and as been putting pressure on the bladder they told me everthing gets bit weak down below.i would get in touch with your midwife to be on the safe side hun. im 21.3days. also midwife said leaking is vey common hun.
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