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Hi Ladies!
I've been to see my MW today and she told me that the babies head is now fully engaged. I'm 38+4 wks and on second pregnancy. Do you think I will i go into labour soon or can the baby disengage at any point? I'm desperate to get the labour over and done with and meet my baby, so I'm hoping it's not gonna be long. Any ideas?
Love Rachel XXX


  • dont think baby can disengage...
    fingers crossed you get to meet lo soon x
  • Hi

    You are sooooo lucky!
    I'm 38+3 and my midwife said yesterday that my baby isnt engaged yet. She is on the Brim of my pelvis....wherever that is!!! She's also not lying with her back to my front position. She's lying with her back to my left side. Is your baby in the right position? My midwife said not to worry because she could turn right up into labour. I'm still gutted though and now I think I might go over which is a horrible thougt because I'm so ready for her to come! I've hit the raspberry leaf tea and the clary sage in the bath stage! Also been going for walks and using my birthing ball to try and help her into position.

    Hopefully you will be on time! Fingers crossed for you!

  • my baby was on the brim of my pelvis at 30 weeks and has started engaging at last antinatel,
    my first was fully engaged by 36 weeks i had her at 38weeks,
    i hope you have your baby soon hun


  • My baby is 2/5ths engaged and has been for 4 weeks now and i'm still waiting for him or her to make their arrival so try not to get hopes up although all babies are different and things can change very quickly!

    fingers crossed for your labour to start soon!

    Gem 41+3
  • Hi Lucy! My baby isn't lying properly either. He's lying to the left hand side. Gave birth to my first son in a back-to-back position and it was very painful. I've had trouble with my coxic (not sure how its spelt) since then, so hoping this baby will get into the right position soon.

    Thanks everyone for all advice XXX
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