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When you look at my picture unless you know about babies. it would look like big alien eyes. but the nurse said it was the bone structure and infact the side of my babies head.not the face


  • hi as you have seen my pic is like yours, is it the bone structure? i wasnt told that, thats good to know, ive just assumed it was the eyes on mine cause on mine close up you can see what looks like a wee mouth under the eyes, (with wee white bits all along that look like teeth ) i dont know if you can see that on here.im a bit disapointed actually cause i liked thinking it was the face, made it more real in a way x
  • Oh, now I know what you mean. With my first pregnancy one of my scan photos looked like a skull. It's nothing to worry about - it's sort of like an x-ray, has nothing to do with what baby will look like when its born.

    Take care, good luck x
  • it might be different with all i think. i want to send you my nig picture so you can see mine properly.i wonder if i can send you my email address on here so that i can show you.

    and i will photoshop it for you and label it the way the docs showed me.let me know if i can then i will show you what i mean.cause you can see my baby's nose very clearly.and also i dont think the eyes are that big at that age.that pic was taken at 11 weeks
  • hi that would be great ...my email is
    [email protected] (the first letter is 'l' for laura - some think its a 1 and i dont receive things)
    i will reply with my big pic and you will see what i mean by teeth
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