Split tummy muscles

Hi, I am 36 weeks have have just split my tummy muscles open, probably because I am measuring 43 weeks. Has this ever happened to you and did they knit back together?

Thank you xxxx


  • omg - sounds v painful. have u been to doc or midwife?


  • It's actually quite common, although usually only happens to the mums who were quite slim before they got pregnant. I was a 14 before I got pregnant it's just I am so huge with this baby.
  • wow - wot has ur midwife sed? - do u know if babys big or just ur bump?


  • Oh no! I'm a size ten :lol:

    Sounds horrible - I hope you're OK and not in any/too much pain.

    I'd be tempted to check with midwife next time you see her.

    x x x
  • Hi Debbie this has happened to me! Mw noticed it at about 16 weeks and has just got worse since then. Its really noticable when I trying to get laid down in the bath. Mw as assured me though that it is common and that they will knit back together after the birth! This and spd god I love being pregnant, lol! Tammi xxx
    30.6 weeks
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