Hi i have just had beautiful baby boy 12 weeks ago had a bit of a tough time and had forceps in the end as he got stuck comming, but he was 10 lb, i also have 5 yr old daughter so that was it for me one of each.

It took so long to get them 2 yrs for my daughter 3 yrs for my son, so i was very pleased, getting on with things planning life for the future and just found out i am 8 weeks pregnant.

My life turned upside down as my son will only be 10 months when next born, its just typical try for so long then in the space of 4 weeks pregnant, and have been so careful not to be caught again until could start my pill, but the condom ripped so went and got the morning after pill but was longer than 12 hrs and doc said only 78% effective and obviously hasnt worked. I am so confused and stressed as hubby over the moon but 3 children wasnt in my plan can anybody help any advice appricated thanks vikki.


  • Vikki

    Oh bless ya, your head must be all over the place. I really dont know what to say though, as not or ever have been in this situation. I do however, know someone who fell pregnant within 4 wks of giving birth and the 2nd pregnancy was twins!!! She now has 3 children in the same year at school. It wasnt easy for her but she managed and now would not be without them.

    Good luck, whatever your decision

  • i'd say that if you fell so quickly hun that it was meant to be. we all know plans change rapidly especially when kids are involved. i'd definately say this baby wanted to be yours. after planning no more kids and trying for sdo long with the ones you have to fall so quickly says they wanted you to be their mommy. go with the flo. yes it will be a lil tougher but then look at teh love in your babies eyes and remember in another 7-8months that there'll be one more pair staring adoringly at you image congrats image
  • Hi debs thanks, dont say that about twins as twin myself and they run on both sides of the family, that would just finish me off

    vikki x
  • OMG Debs thats so cool but musta been a major struggle for her buying uniforms... its like having triplets only the 1st born was10months b4 the other 2 WOW image
  • What a lovely message you have made my day and cheered me up and made feel better about the whole situation thankyou very much crochet mum.

    vikki x
  • Wow hun just wanted to say congrats, and I agree with crochetmom, this baby was obviously meant to be!! Will be hard at first but well worth it in the end. take care hun x x x

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  • thats ok Vikki i think like that when i think about where we're going to live after march and will i be a good mom etc.... then i think if the baby didn't want to be mine and i wasn't ready then it wouldn't have chosen me image Good luck with your lil ones
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