You know you're pregnant when..'re crying at Jeremy Kyle lol.

This is the 2nd day in a row that I'm sitting on my sofa crying like a baby at Jeremy Kyle! For the most part I really think it's enjoyable for the laugh factor.. but it can actually be quite sad!


  • LOL I was just like this, when I was signed off for a week I watched this all afternoon and would just sit and cry LOL

    Even now watching certain things on TV make me cry I am rubbish.
    K xx
  • I never watched tv because we only got like 2 channels, but we got a sky box so have a lot more options so I'm doing nothing but watching tv!
  • I know exactly how you are feeling! I was crying at Jezza yesterday!
    My list of random crying episodes so far include:
    Crying most of the way through 'he's just not that into you'
    Beyonce's video for 'If I were a boy'
    Little wrens being stuck in our office and me worrying that they wouldn't be able to find their mummy if we let them go
    Hubby swearing (not at me) because he hurt himself
    and finally....
    Because a 5 year old boy didn't want to sit next to me on the sofa (I thought that meant I would be a rubbish mum!!)
    Hopefully this just means that hormones are going strong!!
  • I cried at dancing on ice a few weeks ago! I dont know why but I was proper roaring my head off!! I have been doing some proper strange things recently!


  • I cried at neighbours last week when harold visited madges grave. So emotional x
  • You know you are pregnant when ...

    ... someone brings cakes into work and you just don't fancy one !!! Either that or I have a very serious illness ! image

    K x
  • Lol I've been crying at husband swearing too.

    I also was crying a few nights ago because I wanted a melon but I didn't have enough energy to cut it up.
  • I cried today when I popped into town at lunch, it was all too much for me!

  • The other week I cried because oh put tomato ketchup on my bacon sarnies! Don't think he will do it again!
  • I'm nearly in tears just reading this post! It's so ridiculous!

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