Probably being silly but...

I cant get this out of my head, please give me some reassurance/advice.

I am 25wks pregnant today and have so far been quite lucky. Have had no bleeding or major sickness but did have severe tiredness/ nausea in the beginning.

Now a friend of mine had premature twins at 26wks a while ago. I cant stop thinking that it could happen to me NEXT WEEK! I know they were twins and thats a higher risk group. They have also since found out that twin 1 had an infection which possibly caused the prem labour.

So although I know its very unlikely I cant help but be worried at the moment. Think I will better when I hit that 27wk mark!


  • hi ya, i am sure you will be fine. as you said your friend went into labour early because it was twins, i hope they are all ok. you are bound to be worried, as i think we all are. we have our 20 week scan 2 weeks tomorrow and i am so scared something will be wrong. but try not to worry, you will soon be at that 27th week mark! take care. xxx
  • You aren't being silly at all, I was exactly the same at the beginning of this pregnancy coz my friend had an early scan and they couldn't find a heartbeat-luckily everything was ok for her and it was just coz she was scanned too early but nevertheless it planted the idea in my head.
    I was totally dreading the first scan-that magical moment was taken away.
    Try to relax coz worrying will only make you feel down.
  • Hi Dinks
    I think its quite ommon to be a bit anxious at this stage - cos your far enough on that baby 'could' survive - but potentially with major problems.... I felt the same but feel better now I am past the 28 week stage. I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Mobo x
  • Thanks ladies,
    I think its just because its the same time frame really.

    The twins are almost 2 now and are doing so well, you really would know they were prem at all but still dont fancy almost 4mths of having a baby in hospital and visiting daily!

    I think I just need to get past this point really. Doesnt help that I work in a Dr's surgery and there is a nurse there who asks me all the time how far gone I am and everytime I reply she always says 'Oh your almost viable!' Ahhhhhhhhhh :evil:
  • I can sympathise, a friend who lives in my street had her little boy at 27 weeks so as soon as I hit that time I began worrying that bean will make an early appearance. I think its just natural to worry, I do keep bargaining with my bump that if she stays in there for at least 36 weeks i'll buy her something pretty - do you think the unborn understand bribery ?
  • Can totally sympathise with you. i found from that sort of time it all became very real and I started worrying so much more. Also a lot more obvious pregnant so you get all teh questions. the thing i think I found made it most hard was that scans stopped. I wish I could have afforded to have one at 35/36 weeks-think it would have been very reassuring. will def think about this for next time!
  • Your not being silly I can completly understand how you feel I had my first baby 9 weeks early. They could not give me a reason why he was early only that he would have been so big and because I was so young I couldnt have carried him any further. I'm now 23 + 2 days pregnant and I cant help but worry this baby will be early. I am making sure I'm all organised and everytime I speak to my bump I tell its not allowed to come before 38 weeks. I can always dream this wil help Its a really stressful situation. I just keep telling myself this time will be different. Fingers crossed for us both

    Take care x

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