non pregnant lady but can you help. tmi

hi ladys im not pregnant yet but just wondered if anyone can help. i have a 26 to 29 day cycle and was due af today but it has not turn up i ovd quiet late this month only 5 to 6 days ago what i want know is if i ov late have i still got good chance of conceiving when am i likely to get an accurate result on hpt im getting excited because af aint turn up today and iv no obvious af signs but having said that i have no pregnancy symptoms. also i got thrush yesterday could that delay af. be gratful to hear from you thanks x


  • hi if ovulated late then i'm guessing ur period will be late too. so i'd test in a week and a bit if i was you. u normally get ur af 2 weeks after u ovulate.if u did it around the time u ov then have a good chance of concieveing no matter what time in ur cycle u ovulated. i don't know if u can ov late and still have a period on time i.e 5 days later??anyone know? i always thought it was 2 weeks after, unless u have really really short cycles. hope this helps
    princess+millie 21+3 xxx
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