Just had my scan and im having .......................

a GIRL!!!!!

Im so happy , we already have a little girl and i was secretly hoping for another girl.She will be so happy when we tell her she really wanted a sister.

We had a really traumatic time getting to the hopsital though.We went to the LGI in leeds where the parking is terrible , with this in mind we got there half an hour earlier to have plenty of time to get a space.After 25 mins of searching and waiting we could still not get a space so we had to drive nearly a mile a way and walk - which is not what you need when your deseperate for a wee and then i got a stich!
When we got there i was 20 mins late and the receptionsit said it was to late and we could not have the scan i was so stressed and just started crying and she then must have took pity on me and said she would fit me in.
The lady who did the scan was so nice and went through everything and we got some really good pictures.

So after a bad morning it was great to see our little girl!



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