Vaginismus and Pregnancy

Hi all

I've just been diagnosed with vaginismus and I'm really trying very hard to conquer it so I can get pregnant. Have any of you guys had it in th past? It sure would be good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel!! And if you did suffer from it, what were your top tips for sorting it out?

Thanks for your time - and I really hope all your pregnancies are going brilliantly!! x-x


  • Havent any tips but thought Id say hope you get it conquered and get pregnant Im sure someone will be able to help you good luck x x
  • I had this. I saw a gynae nurse specialist who gave me exercises to do. I stopped seeing her when I fell pregnant (probably only 6-9 months). I am now 37 weeks, and it has not been a problem at all whilst pregnant.

    Good luck!
  • hi
    A friend of mine ordered a kit consisting of 4 or 5 dilators to help sort out this problem. She got it off an American website. Not sure if it helped her but it seems worth a try.
    Good luck.
  • They actually have the same sort of kit on the asdas website. its for people who have had surgery or other things down there.
  • Thanks for all your posts, its good to know it is surmountable!!! Here's hoping I get to join you in this forum for proper soon! x-x
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