it's becoming so real...

Today we got our cotbed which is beautiful winnie the poo witha little busy bee on it, we also got the mattress! It's the final thing we had to buy for the baby! So he is all done now...

last night I milked my self for the first time lol was only a tiny amount (i mean really tiny) but my nipples were wet... and it was that clear stuff!!

OH got into bed late cuddled up to me ( I was asleep) but bump decided he wanted me to himself and kicked OH really hard lol untill he moved over!

I am feeling a little over whelmed! we have a big move to do next... hopefully before baby comes and have to try and make it a home as well... I hope that it all comes together!

Spoke to OH about being given the responcibility of a little life and the pair of us being trusted with this little human being! He is taking it all in his stride and doesn't seem worried at all i on the other hand am like OMG like how will we know what to do??? OH was grinning untill i said lol what would you say if he is 3 days old and i go off out and leave you with him by your self... lol yeah thats how i feel! I am a worrier but a little panicked about it all!

dying to have our own place but nervous about it all too be first time we have lived together properly on our own! we have been together for 6 years!

i am 26 (nearly 27 weeks) I know i still have time left before the baby although i am convinced baby will come early...

as i write OH is standing over my sholder grinning that he managed to eat a whole packet of chewits in under two mins...

lol oh god help us huh! haha

Girls some lovely reasureance wouldn't go a miss... I am petified about the labour... I mean really really scared, and to be honest that is only the begining of everything to come... I know he will be wonderful and cant wait to cuddle him... but sure I will feel like I have to stand over him all night every night just to make sure he is okay.... lol then there is walking, talking, tantrumes, GIRLFRIENDS haha i can be a granny now! lol oh god! xxx


  • I know how you feel! The nursery is done (just need the black out blind putting up) and it's all going so fast. I'm scared of the labour and we are doing our 3 hour 'birth workshop' at the hospital next Saturday - ekkk! I want to read as much as I can so I know what to do as I hate not knowing what each little cry means lol. I feel so overwhelmed that it makes me cry sometimes. I really don't want to get it wrong! I am a teacher and my class are the little ones so I should be used to children but babies are scary! LOL.

    Gosh only 11 weeks to go...I am so SCARED!
  • I think if I ever stopped and thought how scary it all is, I would have run away and gone crazy by now. We also have everything ready to go. Haven't got a cot but he'll be in the moses basket until it arrives. All that's left is to pick up the car seat which has been kept at my boyfriend's nans house. And we are doing that tomorrow. I'm not scared of labour or motherhood but yeah, that's because I'm not thinking about it! I don't think anything can prepare you, so now I've read all the books, bought all the stuff, set up the basket, I'm just going to enjoy mine & OH time as a couple (though we are both poorly - so it isn't much fun!!! Lol).

    Oh and the milking thing cracked me up! I thought I was the only one who did that.....LOL. (Hopes you weren't joking now...haha!) I havent had leaky boobs at all but if I squeeze them I can get LOADS, its crazy!! xxx

  • Ohhh I haven't tried the leaky boobs thing yet! LOL.
  • i know it is really scarey i dont let myself think about it coz i end up crying and kirk says to me put ur hormones away! saying that i have 22days left that like 3 bloody weeks!!! holy crap im scaring myself now im also totally scared stiff about the labour and birth i think i may have a phobia about it im that scared and kirk doesnt help with all of his lil comments n jokes about all the pain i will be in we have everything pretty much for the baby now just gotta get last few bits this weekend and get hospital bag ready and thats it!!!!
    oh god can someone please give birth for me please anyone???
  • Calm down girls! Yes labour and birth hurts but you'll get through it and at least you have something wonderful to show for it! You'll learn how to look after it as you go along, the great thing about babies is that they never ever grass you up to the authorities if you make a mistake, they just wait for you to try something else. I actually found that once Millie was here I didn't worry about her nearly as much as I expected to, I used to worry myself sick over really tiny unimportant stuff and I am much more chilled these days. Relax (especially you, Zoey!!!)and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy's!
  • Thanks Kerry. I will still panic though!
  • Oh no Zoey! Get the teddy ready to put in it so you can push it round your house - I pushed a teddy round in mine at my mum's!
  • I have just started my mat leave today and that is really freaking me out!! 39 days to go, nursey is ready, pram is bought, got the raspberry leaf tablets today. Just playing the waiting game now, ho hum!!
  • lol read my post back i am 25 years and 26 weeks lol not that it matters that must but not wishing away the years! spent the last couple of days at OH's which was lovely as his mother really mothers me and i think it was just want to doctors ordered... feeling more calm... and finished reading a book that i'd meant to get round to doing... and just thought actually I do have everything and this child is born out of love into love... anything else will come with time! lol at the comment about not being grassed up haha xx
  • Stop the madness!! I've got 6 weeks left and my builders are still living in my house, we're living out of one room (my bedroom) my 4 year old ds says he never wants to sleep in his room again, my dh has to sleep round his mums after his nights (6 a week) so we don't disturb him, my dd has been living with her boyfriend as she has no bedroom and as for the baby? Well, I've so far managed to buy a bag of nappies!!!!

    Shit I'm panicking now. Yikes..........
  • lol you lot are funny. Try not to stress, you will all be fine and any pain you go through during labour will be totally worth it when you hold your lo in your arms.

    We bought a house and moved in when I was 38 weeks!! Not the best thing in the world to do but I was really glad we moved before the baby arrived. I even managed to paint the nursery before the baby arrived as I didn't want paint fumes around when the baby arrived.

    Best advice I can give is expect the baby to be late as my bump dropped and baby was engaged really early and everyone was convinced I would have him early including my midwife. I ended up going 4 days over due and it was the longest wait for me ever!! I was so fed up!!

    Good luck ladies, you will all be totally fine. Looking forward to seeing you on the baby forum soon!! =) x
  • Same seems to be happening to me LizB! Baby was 3/5 at 35 weeks and fully engaged at 38. And no sign at all! image xxx

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