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Mole? Sorry if tmi!

I have a mole at the top of my pubic bone of the front that I have had forever. Every so often it 'peels' but dr has always said nothing to worry about so I havent. Since being pregnant it has been quite painful and seems to have grown, although there is no discharge or peeling. Problem is I always used to keep an eye on it but now I have a huge bloody bump in the way!

Should I call the dr, even though he has always said its nothing to worry about, or is it just a pregnancy thing? I hate being a nuisance so dont want to call dr for nothing.

What do you think?


  • They are just like ur nipples...its to do with skin pigmentation...cant remember what the hormone is called but its relesed when ur make ur nipples darker so easier for baby to find to feed...same thing happens to moles. If u r worried mention to midwife at ur next app...but nothing to worry about i dont think image x
  • I also have a mole in exactly the same place and also often find it peels! I would def mention it to the doctor or midwife when you see them next as although it is probably nothing to worry about I always like to have my mind put at ease!
    I am thinking of asking if I can have mine removed sometime in the future as it is one I do worry about (and when having my last smear the nurse said to keep an eye on it - even tho the doc said it is fine!) and I get concerned I will damage it when epilating my bikini line and tidying up my lady garden, plus it is in a place that makes it hard to monitor! x
  • Thanx ladies.

    Didnt think I needed to worry but thought id ask anyway xxx
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