Rescan at 15 weeks?

I had my 12 week scan this morning, all was well, good strong heartbeat, CRL 48mm (not sure if this is good?) baby was wriggling all over the place.
The sonographer asked what my midwife had dated me at and I told her 11+6 but I thought I could be 11+3 (long cycles)

She then said that we would go with 11+6 but as I was under 12 weeks she would like to re-scan me at 14/15 weeks.
She said all looks well and not to worry but of course I'm worrying now!!

Has anyone else been back for a re-scan? I'm hoping it's just because I didn't drink enough water or my spare tyre got in the way and not that something is wrong and she isn't telling me



  • Hi love,

    I am sure its nothing to worry about as she would have told you if there was something wrong. Mine was 62mm but I was 13 weeks and baby was all curled up. I was worried she was too smal but they grow so much from 12 weeks on.

    I honestly would not worry just think you get to see your little one again which will be great. Did she say how much they dated you from the scan? Mine one told me I as two days behind what I thought I was but paid for a private scan at 16 weeks to tell the gender and they said I was bang on image

    K xx
  • Hiya, I had my scan at ten weeks, i thought i was twelve but apparently not and they didnt send me for a rescan, could just be different policy in your area to mine. I wouldnt worry as she would have told you if she was concerned or did more investigating there and then. x
  • I can't say I have heard of this but I'm sure they would have said if they thought there might be a problem. The sonographer is probably just being thorough and doublechecking her measurements or something

    My scan was 13 weeks and CRL was 73.9mm, but there is a wide area for "normal" size and mine was bigger than average apparently

    17+6 x
  • Thank you, I feel a bit better now!! Have just been googling and the size is average for between 12-13 weeks.
    We have got a wriggler so could just be that.
    I'm going to take your advice and just be pleased that I get another scan so soon!
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