advice needed- maternity swimsuit!!!

hello all, i am desperately looking for a maternity swimming costume and cant find any nice ones!! image
have any of you any ideas at all please???
Thanks, Lisa 19+3 xxx


  • I bought the plain black one from the Next Directory - ??14

    Used it for the first time yesterday and it was fine, very comfy and roomy if you buy your normal clothes size.

    The tummy area is really baggy / spacious too.

    Joo xxx
  • I bought a tankini from mothercare its really nice but was ??22 its very comfy

    Hope you find one soon

    Take care

  • I also brought a tankini top from mothercare, mine was ??20 tho. Its very comfy and good for swimming, but i also go aqua-natal and its not very practical as the top lifts up as i jump in the water. If your just using it for swimming tho, it does the job!!

    Lea x
  • thanks for your replies girls, want one for swimming & aqua-natal so thought an all in-one would be best so i dont flash!! will keep on searching, being really fussy and doing my own head in!!!
    Lisa 19+3 xx
  • hi, i got an all in one from mothercare. Its a brown halterneck for ??20. Plain but looks good on. All the 2 piece ones showed my belly already!
  • i got a nice halter knecj tankini frm mothercare when pregnant with my oldest but to be honest in my last pregnancy i just got a plain black cheap one from tesco last time in a big size which fitted me all the way thru! xxx
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