SJD (Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction)

Hi Ladies
I am currently signed of work with SJD...its AGONY!!

Wondered if anyone else is suffering/has suffered with this in the past?



  • its at the back rather than the front, happens to me only on my left hand side, feels like my left let doesnt belong to my body!! pain is in the joint which is apparently caused by position of baby
    and nerves around that area
  • hi i have this too i had it with my other 2 pregnancies where it was just my back that was the problem this time i have it in the left side of my groin great isnt it it is quite similar to spd but causes lots of back problems too my right leg used to go from under me from about 26 weeks with my last one thats a night mare too are you seeing a physio for yours im waiting for a referal
    claire x
  • I am waiting for a referral as well, cant come soon enough x
  • Hiya

    Ive got a bit of a mixture too, SPD&PGP. Very sore, i had physio on Monday and got a support belt and ive to wear it at all times for the next 11 weeks (except in bed). It doesnt look very glam lol, so ive been wearing it under my top. Its not the comfiest thing and rides up my back etc grr, but hopefully it helps. Yesterday was my 1st day at work with it and i still felt sore, but physio said it will take a few weeks to notice any difference. Hope it helps image

    She also told me to get a gym ball and gave me a sheet of different excercises to do on and off gym ball to keep pelvis moving (i stiffen up alot!).
    Ive not to sit on couch either- although i am right this very moment image and to sit on ball or a dining chair in evenings watching tv, not the comfiest lol

    Oh the joys of pregnancy! lol image

    Hope you get your refferal very soon, i had to wait 6 weeks as hospital lost letter from doc and then physio was off sick, grr!

    Sharon x

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