Haven't posted for a while but have been keeping up with everyones post, am now almost eight eweeks pregnant, nausea has started to kick not being sick but have gone off food have to make myself eat when not feeling sick wasn't like this with my son.

Just wondering when its your second do you show quicker am quite slim, but even with first i didn't show until about twenty weeks i remember everyone keep asking me where my bump was hoping i get a bump sooner this time

Thaks for any replys



  • i think most people do show earlier 2nd time round - down to loose stomach muscles - (Great). I hardly showed at all with my first till about 22 weeks - but with my second i started showing at about 15/16 weeks. with this 1 people could tell at about 12/13 - although i just thought i looked a bit podgy!


  • Hi,
    not sure how far gone I am yet, but doc seems to think just under 12 weeks.
    I'm showing quite a lot already, in fact I feel huge lol.
    With my first pregnancy, I didn't show for a while, I think maybe its because the first time round, I had quite a muscly stomach due to running miles and doing hundreds of sit ups every day (teenage phase i think lol).
    I reckon my stomach muscles held my first bump in for as long as possible and this time round because I have just been eating crap and not exercising, even though i'm not fat, I don't have that tautness that would probably otherwise keep everything in the right place! image
  • with my first I didnt show until about 20 weeks but with this one I showed at about 12 weeks, although I just looked a bit fat lol. I'm not particularly slim though, I'm a size 14-16.
  • i didnt start showing, well enough for people at work to start asking questions untill i was about 18/20 weeks gone! n didnt have to buy maternity clothes untill january 24/25weeks!! but on that he is my first & i used to do horse riding & karate quite alot n a bit of circuit training at college so stomach muscles were quite firm! but as you do, i got lazy! lol stomach still stayed toned but you couldn't really tell! used to use my dads excuse of it's relaxed muscle! lol, at this time i was a 14-16, mainly coz i'm a pear!!! lol


  • Thanks for everyones replies hoping i get a bump earlier, but like some of you i do have quite strong stomach muscles even the midwife commented on that the last time i was pregnant i did exercise quite a bit back then though, don't exercise as much now don't have the time, my muscles are probably weaker now, just can't wait to get a bump!!

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