Asthma medication in Pregnancy

I am really cross and worried although at 39 weeks not much I can do until baby comes.
During my booking in I advised midwife that I was taking Becotide steroid inhaler for asthma treatment and she said to carry on as usual. Have just seen Dr for repeat prescription and he was hesitant to give it to me and asking how much I have taken throughout pregnancy.
Have just looked it up on Internet and seen that it should be avoided as has caused feotal damage in animal studies and should only be taken if absolutely necessary.
Fortunately my Asthma is mild and I am on lowest possible dose, only taking once per day (when I remember!) which decreases any risk, and all scans etc were fine but I'm really concerned that this wasnt looked into more earlier on! The MW never asked what dose I was on or anything.
What happens if I have damaged my baby by taking this? I am so cross and scared now, dont know what to do!
Is anyone else taking this medication?


  • I have taken the same inhaler through out both my pregnancies as a preventor and both were fine.

    I would be inclined to go with what the MW said tbh. They deal with pregnancies much more than doctors afterall
  • HI MumDonna, I've jumped over from the ttc forum, my doctor or nurse did not advise me of this and I did ask. I too take Becotide and ventalin (when ness) I haven't heard of this before!x
  • I feel better already, thank you both. My Dr does seem hesitant to prescribe anything in pregnancy, its taken my 6 months to get antibiotics for earache and even then he insisted on showing me the book which confirms its safe for use in pregnant women!
    I think sometimes the internet provides more information than we need as a professional can weigh up the risks much better than me! Thank you again, I'll try and stop panicking now.
  • I agree that your doctor is just being a bit overcautious. Most of the time I don't need steroids for my asthma but I take them as a preventative measure if I feel myself coming down with a cold (it always goes straight to my cheast!) I actually use Serevent as the becotide wasn't strong enough and my doctor said it was fine at normal doses.
  • Hello,

    I take Flixotide(Becotide and Becloforte not strong enough) and have been advised by both my own GP and the specialist I have been seeing (and I just met with her again yesterday) to definitely continue throughout pregnancy. They said that the does was so small and due to the way it is administered it is unlikely that any at all would even reach the baby.
    Becotide is one of the ones so commonly used, I am sure it is fine.

    Blooming silly doctors - I know that in most cases it's right to be over cautious but sometimes they seem to cause unnecessary worry due to ignorance.

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