showing at 7 weeks

hi... i have a very noticable bump! im 7 weeks and 4 days!.. this is my 2nd lo.... is it normal 2 have bump ths early?.. i am a very tiny size 4/6..


  • I;ve read somewhere that if its not your first pregnancy you can show earlier as the muscles are much looser allowing the baby to move above your pubic bone earlier - but of course it could be bloating !image

    Personally I prefer to think that its baby bump !!
  • yea i read something like that, and lots of water/uterus? not sure..i dont like 2 read 2 mch as everythin is diff.... i like 2 ask u ladies on here with experience
  • I'm the same, I love coming on here and asking questions or just venting ! Keeps me sane !

    Unfortunately i'm not one of the experiences ladies you refer to as this is my first pg ! IN fact I had to ring my Mum this morning to ask her if it was normal for my uterus to feel tight and to feel like its lost its flexibilty ! She assured me it was ;\)


  • Hi Rebecca,

    Congratulations!!!!! you kept that quiet!

    I think it's probably just extra water and weight, i think your body tends to hold back some weight when it realises your pregnant! I've been the same with all mine i'm never out of maternity clothes! lol xx
  • ... or it could be twinnies lol xxx
  • Hi,
    This is my second baby and I had a bump by 9 weeks, Icould hide it but it was definatly there! With my first baby I didn't show until 20ish weeks so it was a shock to see a bump so soon, but know I look huge and im only 16weeks!!!

    Naomi xx
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